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Using the magic of activated coconut shell charcoal, EBONiiVORY teeth whitening powder will whiten your teeth and neutralize the PH of your mouth preventing tooth decay.  

As we become more aware of what we feed and apply to our bodies and environment, our teeth whitening powder is 100% natural, vegan & chemical free.   

Our Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Pulling Treatment is a new addition to the EBONiiVORY range however oil pulling has been around for thousands of years as a ancient Ayurvedic dental detoxification technique.  

Oil pulling is a natural and effective method for removing harmful bacteria and toxins from the mouth and body. Available in 3 delicious flavour's..simply swish and spit for a whiter, healthier smile. 

Say goodbye to chemical teeth whiteners and treatments and hello to a whiter, brighter smile..naturally.